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Sky High’s Signature Fitness Program!

Burn up to 1000 calories per hour in a class that’s so much high-flying fun, you’ll feel like a kid again.

  • Join Drew every Tuesday at 6pm or 7pm!
  • Thursday AIRobics is canceled

Click to view a quick preview of a class:

Benefits of AIRobics

  • Reduce your body fat
  • Improve your efficiency of movement
  • Firm your arms, legs, hips, and abdomen
  • Improve your balance & coordination
  • Strengthen your muscles and bones without being high impact
  • Strengthen your heart & reduce your resting heart beat
  • Detoxification due to increased blood & oxygen circulation

Did You Know? A study from NASA says ““Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.””  NASA found that a 150 pound individual spending one hour on a rebounder will burn more calories that the same person jogging for an hour. According to NASAs Journal of Applied Physiology it is 68% more efficient than jogging.

Not only will you torch calories, AIRobics is so much fun, this is one fitness routine you’ll look forward to sticking with. Appropriate for jumpers of any fitness level, this 50-minute class is a full-body, core burning workout. Our instructors, and your fellow jumpers, are encouraging and enthusiastic. It’s a no judgment zone!


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