Frequently Asked Questions

Note: All jumpers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. All jumpers over the age of 18 must complete their own waiver and present their photo I.D with date of birth. Click HERE to complete the online waiver. 

What are your operating hours?
Click HERE for our hours.

How do we get to your location?
Directions are HERE.

How much is it to jump? Do you offer any specials?
Only patrons who jump need to pay for jump time. Simply watching is free. Enjoy our free WiFi while you wait. Daily prices are HERE along with our weekly specials.

How old do you have to be to jump at Sky High Sports?
Children must be 3 years and up. The exception being toddler specials like Munchkin Mondays where children must be old enough to walk. Our Kids Court is exclusive to children 48 inches or shorter but older than 3 years old.

Do we need to make reservations in advance to jump?
We suggest that you book online, in advance, especially on weekends, holidays and during school breaks. Reservations can only be made online. Groups and birthday party reservations are taken over the phone.

You’re welcome to simply walk in to jump! Just remember, first come first served, so during peak hours, you may have to wait.

What is a group?
A group is 15 or more jumpers. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required. In order to get your money’s worth, be sure you have at least 15 jumpers for one hour. All group balances must be made together, in one payment. Be sure to check out all of our options under the “Party/Event Packages” tab or by calling the store.

Are there any group discounts?
Group discounts are available to organizations such as the Boy Scouts, YMCAs, schools, churches, etc. Check out our field trip pricing HERE. Non-profit discounts are also available A non-profit tax ID number is required at the time of check-in for your event. The discounted, non-profit group rate is $9 per hour per person Monday-Thursday excluding holidays and other special days.

A $100 deposit is always required at the time of booking for any discount or group/party reservation.

We also offer awesome “Bouncing for Bucks” packages for FUNdraisers! Take a look HERE.

What is included in your birthday party packages?
Birthday party details are located HERE or call us for information.

Does our group or party get the facility entirely to ourselves?
No. Our facility is always open to the public. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, we have a Private Court that can be rented by itself or with access to the rest of our facility. When available, the Private Court’s rental rate is $180 for up to 20 jumpers for the 1st hour so jump around or host your own dodgeball tournament! Check out our private court options HERE or our Deluxe Jump Party Package HERE.

However, buy-outs of the entire facility are available. Check out our prices HERE.

Is Dodgeball private?
No. Everyone who wants to play forms a line and our court monitor divides the teams. If you want to have a private game or tournament, we do have a private court for rent. (See above.)

Is the entire facility available for rent?
You bet! Microsoft, Google and Southwest Air are just a few of the companies who’ve rented our entire facility for events. For more information, please call for details or take a look at our corporate options HERE.

Can I bring in food or drink?
No. We do make exceptions for special diets or circumstance. Additional fees will apply. Please phone for details.

If my child has been to Sky High Sports before, does he/she need another waiver?
If you’ve completed their waiver online for a previous jump session, they’re in our system, but only for that location. If you’re planning to jump at a different Sky High location (we’re have 16 across America), you’ll need another waiver specific to that location. If you’re unsure, it’s best to complete another waiver online, in advance. Better safe than sorry.

What is AIRobics?
Sky High Sports’ signature fitness program, AIRobics is a calorie torching, full body workout that’s so much high-flying fun, you’ll feel like a kid again! For more information and a quick video, click HERE.

What should I wear to jump?
Comfortable clothes are recommended. Jumpers may jump with their bare feet or in our Sky High Jump socks. You may purchase a pair of washable, re-usable grippy jump socks for $2 at the front desk. Tightly laced tennis shoes are required for the Ropes Course & Laser Tag.

If you have additional questions, please give us a call at (704) 889-5867